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Divinity AmStaffs
Chip & Renee Kay
Maple Valley, WA 425.432.2041 info@divinityamstaffs.com

BSL Targets the Wrong End of the Leash!

Divinity American Staffordshire Terrier

Puppy Questionnaire

We want our puppy to be a much-loved member of your family so, in order that we may effectively appraise the suitability of placing a Divinity Amstaff with your family, we require you to answer the following as completely as possible.

Upon receipt of your answers, we’ll determine the suitability of your family and home and will advise you of our decision. Please remember, there is no right or wrong answers as each situation is as unique as each Amstaff puppy. We screen all applicants prior to placing them on our waiting list. We take a deposit to hold your puppy until 8 weeks of age. You may visit our home before the puppies are born; visits are not allowed again until the pups are 6 weeks old but we will gladly send you numerous pictures by email. All puppies are temperament tested to better match you with the right puppy.

You can copy and paste this questionnaire as an email to info@divinityamstaffs.com.


How did you hear about us?


Personal Information:



City, State, Zip:




Number of Family members:

Age of children:


Your occupation:

Spouse’s occupation (if applicable):


Do any of your family members have allergies?

        If yes, have they been tested for animals?

Are you an active military family?

        If yes, have you been overseas?


Housing Information:

What type of housing do you live in?

        Do you own or rent?

        If you rent, does your lease include pets?

        Will your landlord give you a letter of permission?

        Please list your landlord's name and phone number?


Do you have a fenced yard?

        What kind of fence?

If No fence, how will you provide security for the dog when it’s outside?


What type of area do you live in? City, Rural or Suburban?

        If in a neighborhood, does your CC&R’s have limitations on pets?


Where will the puppy live? Inside, Outside, or Both? Crate, Kennel, or Free? Explain:

Where will it be while you are away?

Where will the puppy sleep at night?


Pet Information:

What attracts you to the American Staffordshire Terrier?

What don’t you want in an Amstaff?

For what purpose are you buying a puppy?

Pet        Show         Obedience          Rally          Agility        Therapy         Breeding        Other:


When were you planning on getting a puppy?

Is there a breeding that we have planned that you are interested in?


Color Choices:   1st _______   2nd _______        3rd _______           

Sex:                 Male             Female               Either

Quality:            Show            Performance        Pet

Do you plan to crop the pups ears or glue them half-rose (natural) ? Pick one.


Have you spoken with any other Amstaff breeders? Who?

Are you on any waiting lists for a puppy?


Have you familiarized yourself with:

        The care requirements of an Amstaff?

        The attention and exercise required by an Amstaff?

        Breed Specific Legislation/BSL?


Who will care for the puppy?

        Does everyone work (or attend school) all day?

        How many hours per day will the puppy be home alone?

        Who will come in to “potty” the puppy if you are away?

Will you be crate-training?

Do all family members agree on the addition of an Amstaff to the family?

        If not, who and why?


Are you willing to attend group puppy training classes, basic obedience and earn a CGC (Canine Good Citizen or CGN in Canada) as a condition to purchasing one of our puppies?

Please read: http://www.akc.org/events/obedience/getting_started.cfm

I read the link... ____yes ____no but, I will.

Who will train your dog?

Please list any prior dog training experience, titles earned, breeds owned:

Name of your dog training facility:


        Phone Number:


Have you had an American Staffordshire Terrier before?

If yes, please tell us about your dog.

If no, what experience have you had with this breed?

List all pets currently in your home:

List all previous pets in the last 5 years, and what happened to them:


Are you prepared to care for a dog for 10-15 years? And make them a part of your family?


Please give us your vet information:




Are you willing to have the puppy OFA health tested at the age of 24 months, whether or not you plan to breed?

If you plan on breeding, please explain your goals?

If you are not planning on breeding, do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy?


Have you ever given up a dog to a shelter or pound?

        If so, why?

Have you ever been charged with animal abuse or neglect?

        If so, please explain:


Please give us two references:









If you are chosen for a puppy, are you prepared to send a $250 non-refundable deposit that will hold your puppy until they are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age? (We will no longer hold puppies without a deposit. So far, 100% of the time we have done this, they've backed out.)


Please give us any other information you think will help us to get to know you and your needs with respect to placing a puppy most suited to your family/lifestyle:






Send mail to renee@divinityamstaffs.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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