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Divinity AmStaffs
Chip & Renee Kay
Maple Valley, WA 425.432.2041 info@divinityamstaffs.com

BSL Targets the Wrong End of the Leash!

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This has been an abnormal year for Divinity Amstaffs! We have done one regular breeding, one co-breeding and one historical breeding... each for a very specific purpose for our future! We are very excited about what this year holds for us in watching them each grow and mature! We may take next year off from breeding to really focus on additional titles on our dogs plus, of course, watching the health testing on all pups to guarantee that we're on the right track!!


Disclaimer: We are not commercial breeders and are therefore not a kennel. We do not even have kennels in our yard... we have one dog run. Our dogs live in our yard and in our house with us. Crates are used for bed time, when we're not home, and rotations to give each dog one-on-one time. We require our dogs to get along with each other and every other animal. We have only ever had a couple of disagreements, and even though for legitimate dog-related reasons, believe that even that is not acceptable. Our dogs love all people... a little too much at times but we work on that often with friends and strangers alike. We will only breed to truly further the quality and the love of the American Staffordshire Terrier. No other breed is as great as this. We will find other noble, honest people with character and integrity to match the Amstaff to be new owners. Please do not contact us about a breeding unless you view yourself as such quality. Understand that if you purchase a puppy from us, we will then be friends for life... this will not just be a transaction yet more like entering into a partnership, a commitment for the life of your beloved one. We make no money off of this... I can guarantee that we put more money into our dogs than we will ever get out of puppies or stud fees. All money "collected" is to retain value of the American Staffordshire Terrier... we all know that where our money goes, our heart's there. You will take pride in owning a Divinity Amstaff and know, without a doubt, that you have purchased quality!!

We, personally, will only have a litter every year or so. A great amount of time and research is put into each combination. This affects the future of the breed. Like we've said, we only breed to further the quality and love of the American Staffordshire Terrier so therefore, typically only Champion, temperament tested, definitely fully health tested dogs with qualities and pedigrees that compliment each other will be bred. We will retain rights on those that are the top 4 show quality. All pups will be required to go through Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience and earn their CGC title. All Divinity Amstaffs will be true ambassadors for the breed. Plus certain health tests will be requested even if the pup will not be bred, just so we can make sure we are on track with our goals.

Thank you! And please don't hesitate to contact us for any reason at all! We look forward to connecting with Amstaff lovers all over the world!!


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