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BSL Targets the Wrong End of the Leash!

Blue Diamond Sienna of Divinity, TT

Sienna is my "must have" girl!! I found her on the Amstaff Network and I had to have her. Chip said "it's outside of the plan!" and I said "Pleeeeeeeease!". So, he flew to North Carolina and picked her up for me. He brought her home and I have been head-over-heels for her ever since. She is my sweet little Sienna princess. Everything she is and does is dainty and precious!

Update Nov '08: Sienna has been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia and degenerative joint disease in her left elbow through OFA. This information, along with the grade 1 heart murmur the cardiologist found last year, has brought us to the conclusion that we must spay her, therefore obviously not using her in our breeding program. I am very saddened by this for many many reasons but health is truly top priority. She is still my baby though and will remain so! Lord willing, she will have many opportunities to be a great auntie!!


Pedigree of Blue Diamond Sienna of Divinity

1st Generation

Barbarians Thunderbolt, OFA prelimed/OFAca

Blue Diamonds Majestic Moon, OFAca

2nd Generation

Barbarians Feast of All Saints, OFA

CH Barbarians Claudia, OFA

CH Storytime Moonraker, OFA/OFAca

Diamond's Picture Perfect OFA, OFAca

3rd Generation

Barbarians Space Age Wiz Kid

Barbarians Mayfair Witch

CH Sindelars Johnnie Walker Red

Barbarians Mystic Dreamer

CH Storytimes Believe It Or Not OFA, OFAEL

CH Storytimes Honeymoon

CH Storytimes Honky Tonk Blues OFA




Mercedes Blue Diamond OFA, OFACA


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